Every Adventure Requires a First Step

 Our Expert Travel Advisors save you time and provide stress-free planning.    

   So, just follow The White Rabbit, and let’s have some fun!

Are you ready for the next level of vacation planning?

You can plan your own vacation, but why would you want to?

When you work with a travel advisor you get all their knowledge, and access.  I mean, who doesn’t like having that backstage pass, or the inside tips, and that’s only the start.  Travel agents have relationships with suppliers, this can give you those perks you’ve heard so much about.    

The benefits of working with us:

Destination Knowledge

Never miss out on an experience or activity. We will give you several options during our planning stage, to insure you make the most out of your trip.

Designed Itineraries

No two clients are alike, and that goes for vacations as well. Your vacation will be curated to your specific needs.

Personalized Service

We are just as real as you are. We want to build a relationship, so we can give you the best planning experience from start to finish.

working with us is easy

The Adventurer’s Guide to your Dream Vacation

Make it happen in just 3 easy steps:


Schedule a Free Consultation

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Finalize the Details

We will present you with different options so you could choose your itinerary.


Pack Your Bags!

Bon-Voyage! You are on your way!

Planning a vacation can be very time consuming and sometimes confusing.

The average person spends anywhere from 30-40 hours planning a vacation on-line. Most people do this because they think its more affordable, and who better than themselves to plan their trip.

I get it!

We are the same way, that’s why we became travel specialists.  

The thing is, how can you know for sure if its the best vacation itinerary if you don’t have anything to compare it to?

There is a pretty good chance you will be pleasantly surprised.

”My experience with Evie at Wonderland Adventure Co. was outstanding and I will plan all of my future travels here. I am very happy to send all of my friends and family their way. Professional and wonderful all around.”
“Wonderland booked my trip to Germany and was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. They were attentive to detail, made good suggestions about my travel and accommodations, were knowledgeable about my destination and provided real help when I encountered a problem. Totally recommended.”

Still Have Questions?

To a booking site you are just a confirmation number.  If anything needs to be changed or updated, you’re on your own. Trying to call in for help is next to near impossible.  Your travel agent knows who you are, and we are with you every step of the way.

Yes, you can plan your own trip, but why not leave it up to an expert.  Think of it just like a haircut. You can do it yourself, but why would you take the chance?  If it comes out wrong, you have to live with it until it grows out.  With a vacation, those memories are forever.  

We have the best offers because we work with travel suppliers directly.  Remember that backstage access we were mentioning?  This gives us access to offers that are not available to the general public.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your trip, and we are paid by the vendors we use. Yes, there could be a planning fee involved.  You will know this all up front, before you make any type of commitment.