Still Have Questions?

We offer a free consultation to discuss your vacation.  There may be some planning fees associated with your trip, but that will be covered during the consultation. 

Depending on what your trip entails, there could be a planning fee involved. Planning fees are charged by the agent in order to make sure they are paid for the time it took to put your vacation package together.  There are some instances that the planning fees could go to your trip balance.  We can discuss that during your initial consultation.

This is true, you can plan your trip online, but make no mistake about it, you are being charged service fees.  Fees are rolled up into the online prices, so you are paying a service fee, for no service!

A good rule of thumb is 6-12 months before your trip dates.

Since pricing can change daily, you want to make sure you are ready to put a deposit down before you start the quotation process.   However, you can reach out and tell us what your interested in, so we can keep an eye out for any offers.

We want to plan that perfect dream vacation, so have your budget and a wish list ready for our planning session.

We take all Major Credit and Debit Cards.  Please keep in mind, for some suppliers, for example car rentals, may require a deposit amount that is over the price of the booking.  If you you use a debit card, it could tie up additional funds. 

As soon as your trip is paid for, or a deposit has been processed, you will receive trip details.

While travel insurance is an option, we recommend adding it to your trip to protect your trip cost and your loved ones in case an emergency arises.